Halogen Pot Lights and Clearances to Combustibles

Wood and heat over time creates fire, great for sitting around the fireplace on those cold nights in the fall and winter. It's not so great when it's an interior door with inadequate clearances to a 50w halogen pot light putting the house at risk for fire.

Not taking into account the amount of heat recessed halogen lighting can give off is dangerous business. Halogen or incandescent recessed lighting can reach temperatures well above 100 degrees Celsius. Over time if installed too close to a combustible material like the wood door pictured above it will begin to char and burn. The wood subject to heat over time under goes pyrolysis making it much more likely to ignite,  starting a fire that at best will damage the building, and at worst cause loss of life.

Other clearances should also be taken into account with any lighting as well, low ceilings, closets and stairways can lead to contact with combustibles or a person's body causing burns.
The introduction of LED lighting has helped fix these issues as they give off less heat than halogens and incandescent bulbs.

Our clients safety at Inspections Rodrigues Inc. is our top priority, we always recommend proper manufacturer clearances to combustible materials be respected when installing any lighting fixture.    

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